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Driveway and Patio Refurbishment Services

Sometimes even professional paving cleaning is not enough to restore driveways and patios to their original condition and appearance, due to physical damage such as settlement or grout loss from the joints and weed growth, or even attack from boring insects!

Driveway or patio paving can then require more thorough refurbishment work, such as lifting any sunken areas and relaying to restore the necessary levels and falls, or by removing weeds and insect nests, plus the failed or deteriorated joint mortar or grout, followed by complete re-pointing / re-grouting with the right type of paving jointing material.

No Problem – CR Services will professionally lift and restore any sunken or damaged areas in gardening or patio, to remove weeds, insect nests and debris from the joints, then thoroughly clean the surface and finally repoint / re-grout with the most appropriate paving jointing mortar to suit your stone or slabs and their exposure.

We use only ‘state of the art’ paving jointing mortars to grout a patio, supplied by NCC Streetscape Limited, the exclusive UK Distributors for GftK Jointing Mortars from Germany. Specifically we normally recommend their pre-bagged, air-drying, slurry applied, polymeric ‘vdw 840 Plus’ jointing mortar for domestic
Patio Refurbishment
Patio Refurbishment
patios with foot traffic only, and their ‘vdw800’, pre-bagged, rapid reaction hardening, slurry applied, water dispersed, epoxy resin based, high performance paving jointing mortar for high use driveways, patios and paved areas for commercial premises, that have to accommodate vehicular traffic and other frequent mechanical stresses, i.e. large numbers of pedestrians or frequent high pressure water jet cleaning even road sweeping / cleaning machines.

GftK’s vdw 800 jointing mortar is also fully resistant to freeze-thaw cycling, even with de-icing salts, plus it stops weed growth, and is fully resistant to ants and any other boring insects. For more information on these and the other paving jointing products that we use, please go to our Driveway, Patio & Paving Jointing Products page.

Finally, dependant on the type and size of stone, blocks or concrete slabs in your driveway, patio or other paving, CR Services can apply a penetrating impregnation or sealer to greatly reduce any future dirt pick up, staining or growth.

For more technical information on the patio and paving sealing materials we use please go to our Driveway, Patio & Paving Sealing Products page.

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